Our mission is to provide global access to safe food.

In all dealings with people and the planet, we will strive to return more resources than we consume.  We will do this by revolutionizing the way communities grow, distribute, and consume food.

AmplifiedAg is the parent company that offers full-service support to Vertical Roots, Tiger Corner Farms, and Boxcar Central. We believe that everyone should have access to healthy produce. We believe we can make a difference.

Food Safety & Compliance

Branding & Marketing

Community Engagement

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Hiring, Benefits, & HR

Our Companies

Vertical Roots is our hydroponic farming operation that services local restaurants, grocery store chains, and multiple local schools and universities.

Tiger Corner Farms manufactures our hydroponic container farms. They’re dedicated to building high quality, efficient indoor farms–creating opportunities for farmers.

Boxcar Central is our technology company that controls, integrates, automates, and monitors all aspects of the farming environment, from seed to sale.​

Interested in joining our team?

We value our team members and believe that happy people create the best solutions. We offer competitive wages, excellent health care packages, and an open PTO policy.