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Revolutionary AgTech Solutions For Global Access to Safe Food

AmplifiedAg provides a holistic solution to produce and distribute safe food anywhere in the world.

The world population will grow to 10 billion in 2050

To feed the population, crop production needs to double.

The world has lost 40% of its arable land

And the planet’s top soil is at risk of being gone within 60 years.

The Global Demand For Food

Climate change and catastrophic environmental events have drastically decreased crop production. Unsanitary water and resources lead to food contamination and increased recalls. Mass food distribution has increased the need for pesticides and decreased food nutrition.

With these insurmountable obstacles, we have to change.

The AmplifiedAg Advantage

We engineer fully-automated vertical container farms, and have developed a revolutionary, scalable farm technology platform to provide a comprehensive and cutting-edge indoor farm operation. 

Farm Technology Platform

Data-driven science, proprietary technology and SaaS software, electronics, and business management systems are combined for fully-automated and controlled indoor farm production and processes.
We have optimized the indoor growing process for maximum yield of consistent, safe, nutritious and high-quality produce.
Developed with universal scalability, our platform can be applied to any farm operation and provides the tools and technology for your business success.


  • Farm Build
  • Seed-to-Sale Management
  • Inventory, Shipping + Logistics


  • System Management
  • Consultation
  • Retail Expertise
  • Sales  + Purchasing
  • Barcodes + Labels


  • Horticulture
  • Plant Nutrition
  • Plant Health
  • R&D Products
  • Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)


  • IoT Integration for 24/7 Remote Access
  • Real Time Data + Analytics
  • Environment, Water + Air Sensors
  • LED Lighting Controls


  • Power Sensors
  • Full-Spectrum LED Lighting System
  • Control Board
  • HVAC Units

Food Safety + Security

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Crop Tracking + Monitoring
  • Harmonized GAP+ Certified
  • Primus GFSI Certified

Our Farm Technology Platform can be integrated in any agriculture environment:

AmplifiedAg Container Farm Model

We manufacture hydroponic CEA container farm suites that are powered by our Farm Technology Platform. Our premier indoor farm model is clean, controlled and compact:

Sustainable Resources

Global Accessibility

Protective Shield Against Contamination + Climate

Localized Food Distribution

Roots of Our Success

AmplifiedAg owns and operates Vertical Roots, the largest hydroponic container farm in the United States that produces nutritious, leafy greens.




Highest level FDA + USDA food safety certifications

Our Vision For the World

Our vision is to create a global network of indoor farm operations powered by AmplifiedAg. The ability to create a community of farmers across the world will allow us to share information and make data-driven solutions to continue the evolution of indoor agriculture to feed people with safe food across the globe.

    Boxcar Central and Tiger Corner Farms have consolidated under one entity, and now operate together as AmplifiedAg Inc.

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